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Product introduction
Hydraulic punching machine series
The category :Press (hydraulic press) series
Make no:4060028207
Gauge:Detailed specification negotiable
Type no:Detailed
The product price :negotiable

Product characteristics:
1 overview, structure,
This equipment is fully absorbed on the host structure design of the product advantages of the major manufacturers at home and abroad, introduced the essence of product technology. The machine after finite element optimization design and industrial design, formed a focus on the overall performance of the press and practical, durable, high rigidity and high reliability; At the same time, and pay attention to the pleasant machine modeling and color design style.
This equipment has the independent power organization and electrical system, USES the relay control, may apply to adjust and semi-automatic operation mode; This equipment is working pressure, fast sliding of the traveling schedule scope may be adjusted according to the technological requirements.
This equipment is controlled by the host and institutions and tablet of feeder through piping and electrical device, constitute the whole. Host consists of the fuselage, master cylinder, cheng limiter, etc. Control mechanism including hydraulic pump station (power system), electrical box, mobile console, feeding platform (optional), etc. Will now be a part of the structure and function
Feeder functional features
1. The number of control shaft interpolation precision X micron level;
2. USB, U disk, RS232COM communication such as a variety of communication methods, easily help the user to achieve different requirements and data transmission software upgrade;
3. The macro variable, macro definition programming, to achieve a variety of logical relationship, support with parameters of macro program calls;
4. The CAD graphic automatic conversion process, CAM graphics library function, there are a number of commonly used graphics;
5. According to the program code generated automatically processing, machining process and tracking location;
6. Breakpoint memory function, the program exceptional circumstances can choose from the breakpoint continue processing;
7. Two axis system supporting the mould by hand press, when there are instructions of the mould in the program system prompt pause and need to replace the mould;
8. Single shot, continuous, single section of a variety of processing methods, plate automatic relocation, clamp reserve function;
9. Mould rotating function, can stamping complex shapes, automatic Angle optimization;
10. Large program storage space, it is suitable for all kinds of large program file processing;
Large 11.7 -inch color (800 * 480 pixels) LCD display;
12. The fast moving speed of 60 m/min, the highest feed speed up to 30 m/min.
13. The servo AB encoder closed-loop control, to ensure feed accuracy;
14. Additional external punch, available panel, easy to operate;
15. Power save function, password protection, screensaver, etc.;
16. Support the functions of secondary relocation and clamp give way, achieve no dead zone plate processing;
17. Fully compatible procam CAM software, and additional punch special compound instruction;
18. CAM wizard type punching instruction programming, can fill in punching hole location information directly start after processing;
19. DXF + G code templates graphics resolution, can be directly convert CAD file for processing, without encryption dog;
20. A preview graphics processing code, machining process can be real-time tracking trajectory;
21. Support powerful class B macro analytic functions, convenient for user to develop their own motion control program;
22. The powerful network function, can remote file download, copy, delete controller;
23. The complete intuitive reflect system, system operating status to help users find problems in time, easy troubleshooting problems;
24. Detection of top dead center and clamps loosen the alarm, the main motor not open the protection of the rich functions such as alarm;
25. Read U disk function, can be simulated for the hard disk data read, edit, and processing, meet all kinds of machining of large program.

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