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Product introduction
Numerical control shearing machine series
The category :Shearing machine
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Numerical control shearing machine series

QC11K-6X2500Before nc feeding plate shears hydraulic brake type

QC11K-8X3200CNC brake type shearing machine

Performance and features:

All steel welded structure, integrated processing (vibration aging and heat treatment) to eliminate internal stress, good rigidity and stability;

Adopts advanced integrated hydraulic system, good reliability.

Remove the guide rail gap, improve the quality of shear; After the motor gear material, manual fine tuning, digital display;

Blade gap handwheel adjustment, rapid, accurate and convenient.

Rectangular blade, four parts all can use, long service life. Shearing Angle can be adjusted, reduce the deformation of sheet metal distortion;

Rest on the structure of introversion, facilitate blanking, and improves the precision of the work;

With functions of block shear; With functions of a lighting device;

Automatic feeding before carrier device (can choose the other configuration);

Main configuration:

Dr Low hydraulic parts: can match Germany hydraulic system

Low with the domestic famous brand within the tooth gear pump (Shanghai)

Low domestic famous brand oil cylinder, mainly seal wall card or tripod base

Low electrical parts: with imported Dutch \ Siemens numerical control system, Siemens Mr Winner motor electrical components

Other main parts: Shanghai blade.

DAC310 shearing machine CNC system

Shearing machine dedicated DAC - 310 numerical control system, using the latest electronic technology, with compact structure, characteristics of function fully, for the behind of the shearing machine, blade gap and shearing process control provides a set of unique solutions.

The axis control mode, behind support servo motor control, ac double-speed motor control and frequency control of motor speed control.

According to the specific application, can choose two-way positioning or behind choice eliminate clearance one-way positioning screw.

The reference point can be set automatically boot behind behind look for power or memory location.

By selecting the move button, choose two behind speed manual movement.

High-definition LCD display, provide a clear convenient, rapid and simple programming.

The actual location of the value and programming behind at the same time, according to the program counter option function can also be showed at the same time.

Every steps program to provide work links, such as slug distance, repeat count setting.

DAC-310function :

High-definition LCD display 275 x 48 pixels

Behind, control

The blade gap control

Shearing stroke control

The actual position behind and programming value shows at the same time

Shear count,

100 step program

Panel installation,

Servo control/frequency control of motor speed control/double speed of ac motor control

DAC350 shearing machine CNC system

Used throughout the function feeding behind or in front of shearing machine automatic control.

Using high-definition LCD display, menu programming way.

Shear Angle, blade gap, automatic shearing process calculation and control.

Adopting absolute and relative location.

Automatic reference point, also can set power memory location.

Multiple custom auxiliary signal output.

The unique hand wheel set, convenient and the adjustment of the machine tool.

Adopts modular structure, flexible definition or extend the X1 - X2 feed control and lose the Z axis control.

Since the diagnostic program.

The orientation of unidirectional and bidirectional way is optional.

RS232 serial interface

Counting mode setting (counts increase count or decreases)

The main technical indicators:

Scope of position setting  0-16000mm

Shear count 0-9999 \

Position correction (V6.4 above)

Single step iterative maximum  999

Concession distance range  0-999.99mm

Language selection  

Output function set  F1-F4

Selection of materials (4)  

The shear Angle setting  0-45°

The power supply  20-32VDC/1A

Blade gap range  0-9.99mm

Photoelectric isolated input  0-24VDC

Shearing process control  0-999mm

Photoelectric isolation output  0-24VDC

Can be controlled dc motor, ac/dc servo motor (+ / - 10 v output), double speed motor

5v or12 v single-phase encoder count highest frequency 50kHz


DAC360 high integration of the whole function of shearing machine control system

4.7 "LCD display, behind a, blade gap, shearing process, shear Angle automatic control, automatic shearing stress calculation. Memory 100 program, each program can have 25 steps. Flexible definition of I/O port. 

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