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Product introduction
T44QK-uncoiling leveling and shearing product…
The category :An open-book leveling slitting line
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T44QK- uncoiling leveling and shearing production line series

T44QK- large uncoiling leveling and shearing production linear energy and structure: (pictured above)
     The production line for medium plate uncoiling leveling production line upgrade. Steel mills continue to introduce greater thickness, plate width wider steel rolled product. In order to adapt to the needs of the company in Kaiping, specially design, produce the series products. And at any time according to the customer demand, adjust the design scheme.
     Pressure guiding part adopts by steel and welded steel, across the uncoiler, and clip connected first machine sent four column frame structure pressure guiding mechanism, power shovel head, hydraulic mobile direct head, pressure guiding rollers, large leveling, shearing equipment. For metal coiled material with larger thickness of leveling, cutting. The configuration of double edge cutting machine, a side thread winding machine can obtain high quality four cutting edge plank.

T44QK-And the structure of plate uncoiling leveling and shearing production linear  (pictured above):
The leveling line is suitable for medium thickness range of hot-rolled carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel and other industrial coil leveling, fixed length cutting.
     Typically consists of hydraulic feeding car, uncoiler, feeder, hydraulic cited pinch crude leveling machine working table, correcting mechanism, transition, leveling unit, cutting plate machine, piling platform, hydraulic system, electric control system etc.. At the same time according to the user need to configure the edge cutting machine, slitting machine, side thread winding machine and other agencies, to obtain a four trimming plate or along the length direction of the steel plate strip shear. Fixed length control selects DC digital control system of British European company. With a high degree of automation, good leveling quality, high cutting precision, high production efficiency, stable and reliable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, and other characteristics.

T44QK- sheet of high-speed CNC uncoiling leveling and shearing production linear energy and structure: (pictured above)      
   The production line is to be thin metal coil leveling, cut into block board and special equipment. Usually by the feeding trolley, pallet decoiler, pressure guiding device, leveling machine, activities, guide bridge rectifying device, the scale mechanism, a film coating device, cutting plate machine, conveying worktable, pneumatic discharging frame, hydraulic lifting buttress material platform, material transport raceway table and hydraulic system, electric control system etc. the composition, synergistic action of PLC control. The main hydraulic, pneumatic and electric control components, sizing system are selected international brands.
     This equipment is mainly used for machining cold-rolled steel coil, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal plate bending, configuration of six heavy type leveling machine be high requirement on the metal such as aluminium plate rolling flattening length shearing.
     According to customer requirements, leveling can adopt early, two fine leveling leveling machine; fixed length feeding shear can adopt a common mechanical and electric cooperative action, digital frequency conversion technology or AC servo technology; can be used with general machinery, hydraulic machine shearing machine, electromagnetic clutch, pneumatic clutch transmission speed brake power type shears mobile tracking, chase shear and rotary flying shears. The relevant supporting forming machine can be used for a greater range of function extension.

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